The Lake Trout have finally started to bite the Jigs well this week. On my Fishing Charters yesterday on Lake Champlain, I graphed surfaces temperatures rising on the broad lake yesterday to 64 degrees, it has started to stabilize the thermocline some and drive the Trout to their Summer haunts. We had a great day catching over 50 Lake Trout with some true Trophies hitting the net! Client Dave seen in the Picture would have won this years LCI Fathers Day derby with this Giant Laker! Dave is 75 years young and has been fishing Lake Champlain for 63 years–This was his biggest Trout ever by far. The bite will stay good through early September and we will be primarily focusing on this. Here is a a few highlight pictures from the last few trips. 5 doubles in a row–I am enjoying catching up on a few things in the office and spending the day around my one year old Son, Carter. Until next time, stay hooked up! Sincerely, Capt Bryce Collins