Eastern View Outfitters LLC provides exceptional opportunities for pursuing Canada Goose, Greater Snow Geese , Puddle Ducks,  and Diver Ducks during the Fall Season in the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain Region. We are currently hunting on nearly 28,000 acres which is all private land that is leased under contracts.

We are located in Plattsburgh, NY on the shore of Lake Champlain and a prime migration corridor in the Atlantic Flyway. We offer our guests some of the first chances at migrating waterfowl in New York State as they leave Canada. Our waterfowl hunts are conducted in traditional Staging Habitats and Resting areas in the Atlantic Flyway that migrating waterfowl use year after year. These areas are fertile agricultural regions, swamps and marshes that are traditionally used by migrating Ducks, Canada Geese and Snow Geese year after year. 

We have opportunities from September until April to hunt a variety of Waterfowl species in New York, from Canada Geese and Greater Snow geese in dry agricultural fields, to hunting Dabbler Ducks and Diver Ducks on Private water leased specifically for waterfowl hunting.

We also hunt on Lake Champlain for Dabbler ducks & Diving ducks during the late season when the smaller waterways begin to freeze.

Puddle Ducks species that  you are likely to encounter are Mallards, Wood Ducks, Black Ducks, Green Wing Teal and occasionally Pintail, Blue Wing Teal, Widgeon, and Gadwalls.  

Diver duck species we regularly see are Common Goldeneyes, Greater Scaup aka Bluebills, Buffelheads, Ringnecks, Longtail aka Old Squaw and the occasional White wing scoter, Canvasback or Redhead. 

There is nothing more magical than watching a flock of Ducks lock up into the decoys, or a group of huge Greater Canada Geese work the spread feet down in your face! Fall Snow geese–We got them! The Champlain Valley holds the only truly reliable Fall Greater Snow goose hunting in NY from October to December.

Call and schedule your hunt at the best time of the season for what you are after. Our Guides and Experienced Retrievers will make sure you have an enjoyable stress-free hunt! Guides are glad to answer questions and provide details about calling and setup strategy to help you be a better Waterfowl Hunter!

Check out the quick clip of a hunt with us for Canada geese in New York’s late season from our You Tube channel featured below. Call Capt Bryce to reserve your trip!

“We had an awesome time goose hunting with Bryce and his team. The hunt was exactly what Bryce described over the phone prior to the hunt. The Eastern View Outfitters team was very professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating. You can tell the team does their homework, we had our limit by 9:30AM. Make sure you bring plenty of ammo!”

Eric Morton, Vermont

“Eastern View Outfitters put in a lot of thought and effort to make the most out of the weekend for myself, my wife and a friend of ours. They are very knowledgeable about everything they cater to. From the initial email with Captain Bryce to the final handshake good bye everything went above and beyond what I had hoped for from our weekend. Bryce Collins and EVO certainly earned our respect for everything they did to make our trip memorable. Being able to cross a blue goose off of my bucket list thanks to their effort is beyond appreciated and a memory I will never lose track of. Thousands of Greater Snow geese poured into the decoys! Strongly recommended a multi day trip to really enjoy everything EVO offers as a guide service. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you for such outstanding service!!”

Johnathon Day, New York

“My buddy and I just finished our goose hunt with Capt. Bryce at Eastern View Outfitters and had a great time. We were looking to blast a lot of birds and we got exactly that. We had so much action it was tough to get shells in the guns fast enough. The whole group limited out early and we went home extremely satisfied.

I will definitely be back in the spring for the snow geese!”

Dan Errett, Florida

Guided Fall Waterfowl Hunts in NY, VT & Adirondacks (September-January)

Our guests can expect the hunt preparation to start in the pre-dawn hours.  You will meet your guide and go over the strategy and what you can expect for the day. Our guides will accompany you in the field before first light and help you call in the Waterfowl. When the Ducks or Geese come into range our Guides will call the shot, instructing all the hunters to take aim and make a pile! Some days hunters that are physically able will be asked help Guide with setting out or picking up the decoy spread. This is a team effort and all part of the hunt. The hunt will conclude when limits are reached or at 12 Noon. Our Guides will pick up the blinds and decoys to scout for the following days hunt. This also lets the birds rest and feed in the afternoons limiting pressure on them.

After the Hunt

Birds are the responsibility of the hunting party. Birds will be processed back at the trucks by guests or your Guide will process for a fee of $2/bird if you prefer.  Guides will breast birds out and leave a wing attached for traveling back across state lines. All carcasses will be taken by the guide to ensure they are disposed of properly. 

Many people choose to relax and rest up for the following days adventure by seeing some of the areas scenic destinations like Ausable Chasm. If you enjoy tasting local Craft Beers and Wines. Check out Ausable Brewing Co, Valcour Brewing Company, The Oval Brewery and Plattsburgh Brewing Co located right in the same building as the Comfort Inn lodging. If Wine and Ciders are your thing– definitely check out Elf’s Farm Winery & Ciderhouse and Vesco Ridge Vineyards for a great Tasting experience. Recommended formal dining options are Anthony’s Restaurant & Bistro, Latitude 44 Bistro and for more casual Dining check out Mickey’s Restaurant and Our House Bistro. For those diehards who want to squeeze every bit of action they can into the day! Guests can take full advantage of our Blast and cast Package, the Waterfowl and Deer hunt Package and our Fishing and Bowfishing Combo Packages! While you relax and enjoy everything the Lake Champlain Region has to offer. Our guides will be out in the afternoons until dusk scouting birds for the following days hunt. If you decide to preserve your Trophy–we have an exceptional Taxidermist who we can put you in touch with if you plan to have the work done locally.

If you’re extending your vacation, don’t miss out on the rest of the Adirondacks and Northern New York!



Comfort Inn & Suites–Plattsburgh, NY
Our guests can take advantage of our Eastern View Outfitters reduced rates of $90/Night and stay at the Comfort Inn & Suites located at 411 Route 3 Plattsburgh, NY 12901. Comfort Inn & Suites rooms are equipped with 2 Queen size beds, high speed WIFI, Microwave and Fridge. Other amenities include an indoor swimming pool, fitness center , restaurant/bar, and free parking. It is also in close proximity to most of the shopping and dinning options in the area. Just call the Comfort Inn & Suites at 518-562-2730 and mention Eastern View Outfitters & Bryce Collins to make reservations at the Corporate Rates of $90/Night.

Other Lodging Options

We have a few options from homes and cabins for rent starting at about $200/night to local Inn’s and Bed & Breakfast’s that we can provide you the contact information upon request based on your needs. Some of these options can handle larger groups of up to 10 persons. Call Captain Bryce for more information.

Our Pledge

  • We will do everything we can to make our guests successful, happy, and safe!
  • All Duck, Goose, Deer & Wild Turkey hunts 100% Fair chase! This is the “real deal”
  • We only use Top of the line gear!
  • Our Guides will have you on the X each day of the hunt!
  • Professionally Licensed NYS Guides and Experienced Retrievers

Do the research… check references, compare photo galleries, look at our Eastern View Outfitters Facebook page for the most current activity and complete photo gallery. We are certain you will be extremely satisfied with our services–Call well in advance for reservations.

Waterfowl Hunting Packages in NY & VT

Hunts from September through mid April


$250 per hunter/day–mixed party hunts in size from 1-7 persons

$2000 per group of 8 hunters/day–Private party hunt

Waterfowl & Pheasant Package

  • Add $450 Pheasant Hunt add on (10 bird & 1-4 hunters)
  • Add $900 Pheasant Hunt add on (20 bird & 5-8 Hunters)

*All September Canada Goose hunts–8 hunters are required to book an exclusive private party hunt if you have less than 8 hunters you will be combined into a mixed group of up to 10 hunters

All Fall Waterfowl hunts from September through January can be combined with afternoon pheasant hunt packages. 

New York in September is arguably some of the best and most action packed Canada Goose wingshooting in North America! With the high 15 bird bag limits per hunter and the legal use of unplugged shotguns, the potential for 100 plus bird days and consistent high volume gunning is not in short supply. Many of our guests have now started booking 3-4 days and well over a year in advance! There is no surprise that this is a high demand time of the year! Call as early as possible to reserve your hunts. We will fill up completely and turn away groups…..



$250 per hunter/day–Groups of 1-5 hunters

$1500 Group rate of 6-8 hunters/day

Waterfowl & Pheasant Package

  • Add $450 Pheasant Hunt add on (10 bird & 1-4 hunters)
  • Add $900 Pheasant Hunt add on (20 bird & 5-8 Hunters)

All Fall Waterfowl hunts from September through January can be combined with afternoon pheasant hunt packages. 

1 or 2 Day Waterfowl Hunt in NY & VT

  • Includes Fully Guided Hunt
  • Tips and techniques from our Guides on hunting strategy, and game processing
  • All decoys, blinds and necessary gear is provided
  • We highly recommend booking 2 days to ensure you have the best possible chances on a huge shoot

$600/2 hunters

$800/3 hunters

$1000/ 4 hunters

All Fall Waterfowl hunts from September through January can be combined with afternoon pheasant hunt packages. 

Waterfowl & Pheasant Package

  • Add $450 Pheasant Hunt add on (10 bird & 1-4 hunters)
  • Add $900 Pheasant Hunt add on (20 bird & 5-8 Hunters)

Full day Diver Duck Hunts out of a Bankes Layout Boat on Lake Champlain

November-late December 

  • Includes Fully Guided Hunt on Lake Champlain for up to 4 Hunters by a USCG Captain
  • 2015 Polarkraft Outlander tender boat and 2015 Bankes Layout Boat
  • Hunts target Scaup, Goldeneyes, Bufflehead & Ringneck Ducks on Lake Champlain
  • We are the only Legal & Insured Guide service using layout boats on Lake Champlain!
  • We recommend 2 or 4 hunter groups to switch out of layout boats in pairs

$350 per hunter/day

$1250 Group of 4 hunters/day

1 Morning Duck & Goose Hunt in NY & 1 Afternoon semi-guided Deer hunt in NY

  • Includes Fully Guided Waterfowl Hunt & a Semi-Guided Deer hunt on Privately leased Land
  • Tips and techniques from our Guides on hunting strategy
  • All decoys, blinds, tree stands and necessary gear is provided
  • We provide pre-hung ladder stand, hang-on stands, and ground blind options for deer hunting
  • Advice on stand selection based on winds and deer movement 
  • We have a quick turn around deer processing outfit for our guests to deal with directly


$500–1 person 

$750–2 persons

$1000–3 persons

$1250–4 persons

* Saves you $$ by booking the Combo package

1 Morning Waterfowl hunt & a 4 hour Afternoon Fishing Charter includes:

  • Fully Guided Duck, Canada Goose or Snow Geese hunt in the Morning
  • We can handle large groups of up to 8 fishermen by booking in advance and reserving 2 boats
  • 4 Hour Fishing Charter on Lake Champlain for up to 4 persons–Species targeted are Bass, Northern Pike, Chain Pickerel, Atlantic Salmon & Lake Trout 
  • Fishing Charters include all rods and tackle needed excluding a NY or VT fishing license–Ask which fishing license you will need for the trip you will be taking

October-January Waterfowl & Pheasant hunt combo prices

4 Hunters  $1450/day

5 Hunters $1700/day

  • Morning Waterfowl hunt for wild “fair chase” Ducks and Geese
  • Afternoon 10 bird package pheasant hunt (50/50 hens & rooster)

6-8 Hunters $2400/day Incredible deal!!

  • Morning Waterfowl hunt for wild “fair chase” Ducks and Geese
  • Afternoon 20 bird package pheasant hunt (50/50 hens & rooster)

You save $100 by booking as a combination trip

September Canada Goose & Pheasant hunt combo hunting trips are priced differently please see September goose hunts tab

Trip Includes

Waterfowl Hunt 

  • Includes Fully Guided “fair chase” Duck & Goose Hunt
  • Tips and techniques from our Guides on hunting strategy, and game processing
  • All decoys, blinds and necessary gear is provided
  • We highly recommend booking 2 day hunts to ensure you have the best possible chances on a huge shoot

Pheasant Hunt

  • All Preserve pheasant hunts include a NYS Licensed Guide, Gundog if desired, bird cleaning and carcass disposal
  • All hunting pheasant hunting packages can have birds added on to the hunt if scheduled prior to the hunt see the Add-On package tab 
  • Parties of more than 4 hunters will be split into 2 groups of no more than 4 hunters per group–Each group with a Guide
  • All September Canada Goose hunts are required to have 8 person to have an exclusive field if you have less than 8 hunters upon booking you will be mixed into a group with up to 10 hunters in total
  • All October-December dry Field hunts can accommodate up to 8 Hunters per field
  • All October-December hunts you must have 6 Hunters in your Party to have an Exclusive Field hunt 
  • If you have less than 6 in your Party other Hunters may be added to fill the remaining spots available
  • Well mannered dogs will be permitted on hunts upon request if you have enough hunters for an Exclusive Hunt
  • Duck hunts are limited to 4 hunters per Party on Water–Larger Parties will be split into smaller groups of 4

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