Eastern View Outfitters provides Greater Snow Goose Hunts in New York. We offer both Fall and Spring Hunts from October to April. Our hunts are conducted in Traditional Staging Habitat and Resting areas within the Atlantic Flyway.  These areas are the traditional regions used by migrating Snow Geese year after year. We hunt Snow Goose on thousands of acres of private farmland in Upstate New York. Our Atlantic Flyway, Greater Snow Goose hunts are strictly fair-chase, no feeders, or farm raised birds…

There is nothing more magical than watching a flock of thousands of migrating  Greater Snow Geese circle down into the decoys.  This is a spring spectacle which is unrivaled!  Our Guides and Experienced Retrievers will be sure to make sure you have an enjoyable stress-free Greater Snow Goose hunt! Our knowledgeable guides will be happy to answer questions and put your group in the best possible position to be successful. Snow geese are the most wary and difficult bird in North America to decoy consistently. Decoy spreads numbering in the thousands are the common place to entice and lure huge migrating flocks within shotgun range. A lot of snow goose success has to do with the weather–unfortunately this is one factor we can’t control. Rest assured we will do everything in our power to make sure you are on birds during your trip with Eastern View Outfitters.

Watch a short clip from one of our hunts below on the You Tube channel. Click settings on the video and be sure to watch in HD 



“Went on my first snow goose hunt and it was a memorable one. Bryce Collins of Eastern View Outfitters was OUSTANDING. He ran his guide service the right way. Safety was his number one priority of his guests in the blind. The property was right off Lake Champlain and waterfowl were EVERYWHERE!!! We saw thousands of ducks, Canadas, and Snows during our two day hunt. Hudson, Bryce’s Black Lab was exceptional, ranging out over 250 yards on two blind retrieves each day.
Blinds were very comfortable and Bryce made sure you were taken care of. A big thank you to Bryce, Hudson, and all the other guys we hunted with this weekend. We will be back next year!”

Andrew Gregory , Massachusetts

“If you want great action, professional decoy setup, calling and blinds you want Eastern View Outfitters. I would highly recommend hunting with them. Bryce and the crew are clearly goose gurus. What fun and phenomenal results!”

Dan Burke, New York

“I’ve hunted with Eastern View Outfitters on numerous occasions and have never been disappointed. They are a top notch outfitter with great hunting guides and lots of birds. I’ve hunted waterfowl around the country and my best hunts have been with Eastern View Outfitters. I would highly recommend hunting with them!”

Kevin Seigfreid, Pennsylvania

Guided Snow Goose Hunting in NY (October-April)

Our guests can expect the hunt preparation to start in the pre-dawn hours; where they will meet their guide, sign waivers, settle up balances and go over what they can expect for the day. Our guides will then accompany you in the field before first light and help you lure these wary Greater Snow Geese into shotgun range using a top of the line decoys. This is hunting and we highly recommend a 2 day hunting trip when hunting any waterfowl especially Greater Snow geese. This allows you have the best possible chances at harvesting waterfowl and experiencing a huge shoot. 

Fall Greater Snow Goose Hunts:

This is an on the X style hunt and we will be setting decoys together with clients as a team on a scouted agricultural field that the geese have been feeding in days prior to your arrival. Hunting snow geese is a team effort and this requires everyone to pitch in during the Fall hunts to set up and pick up decoys for the hunt. We will very often have some helpers who will be there to lend a hand with the workload of setting sometimes in excess of 1000 decoys… extra hands are often needed! Hunts are 1/2 day hunts and we will typically be out of the field at 12 noon. Guides will then scout and let the birds rest and feed un-pressured in the afternoons. We can often take both Canada geese, Snow geese & Ducks in the field during the same hunt. When booking be sure to ask about the best times to come for Fall Canada/Snow/Duck combo hunts. 

Spring Greater Snow Goose Hunts:

No other time of the year is quite like the action that can be seen on a Spring Snow Goose Hunt! Greater Snow geese have wintered in the typical Delaware/Maryland area and have now started forging North towards their breeding grounds in Nunavut, Canada. We will essentially set a trap and intercept large groups of Migrating waterfowl on a daily basis. It is a migration based hunt and we will often have thousands of birds migrating through the area each day of the snow goose hunt. With a migration style hunt the success of the hunters is largely in the hands of  “Mother Nature, with one day drastically different from the next. This is why we hunt a Full day…. with the middle of the day often times being the most productive times of the day on the classic days when geese are migrating northward. With all this being said please book 2-3 days and give yourself the best chances for success. You have already invested the time and money to come hunt what is an extra day or two… This is not me trying to sell you an extra day… This is me trying to make sure you are happy. This hunt differs from the Fall hunts in that all the decoys will be set up for you ahead of time. The group will be required to provide some help to the Guide with maintenance of the spread during the hunt. Like dusting some snow off the decoys or straightening up a couple leaning decoys etc. before and during the hunt if you are physically able. Hunts are conducted out of either white suits laying out amongst the decoys on padded backrests or from custom A-frame style blinds built for comfort on the coldest of days. These A-frames are a sit and stand to shoot style wing shooting opportunity and perfect for the older gentlemen and bigger guys. No offense guys. I am in my 30’s and enjoy sitting in the A-frames!! Please book well in advance and request the A-frame when booking the hunt. The white suit style hunts are very different and we will hide among the 4-5 thousand decoys we set up to lure the snow geese into range. We will break for lunch quickly and all Spring Snow Goose hunts have a hot meals delivered for $10/meal from the Homestead Restaurant in Plattsburgh, NY if you desire. We will put an order into the restaurant and you will pay the delivery person upon arrival. After the hunt we will clean birds at the trucks and the Guide will take all carcasses to dispose of properly. 

After the Hunt

Birds are the responsibility of the hunting party. Birds will be processed back at the trucks by guests or your Guide who will process for a fee of $2/bird if you prefer.  Guides will breast birds out and leave a wing attached for traveling back across state lines. All carcasses will be taken by the guide to ensure they are disposed of properly. Additionally, most of you will be most likely staying at the Comfort Inn and we do not want any bird cleaning bird cleaning done there. 

Many people choose to relax and rest up for the following days adventure by seeing some of the areas scenic destinations like Ausable Chasm. If you enjoy tasting local Craft Beers and Wines. Check out Ausable Brewing Co, Valcour Brewing Company, The Oval Brewery and Plattsburgh Brewing Co located right in the same building as the Comfort Inn lodging. If Wine and Ciders are your thing– definitely check out Elf’s Farm Winery & Ciderhouse and Vesco Ridge Vineyards for a great Tasting experience. Recommended formal dining options are Anthony’s Restaurant & Bistro, Latitude 44 Bistro and for more casual Dining check out Mickey’s Restaurant and Our House Bistro. For those diehards who want to squeeze every bit of action they can into the day! Guests can take full advantage of our Blast and cast Package, the Waterfowl and Deer hunt Package and our Fishing and Bowfishing Combo Packages! While you relax and enjoy everything the Lake Champlain Region has to offer. Our guides will be out in the afternoons until dusk scouting birds for the following days hunt. If you decide to preserve your Trophy–we have an exceptional Taxidermist who we can put you in touch with if you plan to have the work done locally.

If you’re extending your vacation, don’t miss out on the rest of the Adirondacks and Northern New York!



Comfort Inn–Plattsburgh, NY
Our guests can take advantage of our Eastern View Outfitters reduced rates of $90/Night and stay at the Comfort Inn & Suites located at 411 Route 3 Plattsburgh, NY 12901. Comfort Inn & Suites rooms are equipped with 2 Queen size beds, high speed WIFI, Microwave and Fridge. Other amenities include an indoor swimming pool, fitness center , restaurant/bar, and free parking. It is also in close proximity to most of the shopping and dinning options in the area. Just call the Comfort Inn & Suites at 518-562-2730 and mention Eastern View Outfitters & Bryce Collins to make reservations at the Corporate Rates of $90/Night. We also have a couple contacts with homes for rent that sleep from 4-6 people starting at $200/night and we can provide their contact info upon requests. One of which is a beautiful cabin on a private lake very close to Plattsburgh, NY and the surrounding areas.

Other Lodging Options

We have a few options from homes and cabins for rent starting at about $200/night to local Inn’s and Bed & Breakfast’s that we can provide you the contact information upon request based on your needs. Some of these options can handle larger groups of up to 10 persons. Call Captain Bryce for more information.


Our Pledge

We will do everything we can to make our guests successful, happy, and safe!
All Duck & Goose hunts are 100% Fair chase! This is the “real deal”
We only use Top of the line gear!
Our hunts are conducted over HUGE decoy spreads numbering from 2000-4000 decoys depending on the field we are hunting
Professionally Licensed NYS Guides and Experienced Retrievers

Do the research…check references, compare photo galleries, look at our Eastern View Outfitters Facebook page for the most current activity and complete photo gallery.



Spring & Fall Snow Goose Hunt Package Rates



$250 per hunter/day for Groups of 5 or less

Waterfowl & Pheasant Package  

  • Add $450 Pheasant Hunt add on (10 bird & 1-4 hunters)
  • Add $900 Pheasant Hunt add on (20 bird & 5-8 Hunters)

All Fall Waterfowl hunts from September through January can be combined with afternoon pheasant hunt packages. 

  • Includes Fully Guided Hunt on Private Land
  • Massive Decoy Spreads
  • Electronic Callers (when Legal)
  • Tips and techniques from our Guides on hunting strategy, and game processing
  • All decoys, blinds and necessary gear is provided for you during the hunt

$1500 for Group rate for 6-8 hunters/Day

Waterfowl & Pheasant Package

  • Add $450 Pheasant Hunt add on (10 bird & 1-4 hunters)
  • Add $900 Pheasant Hunt add on (20 bird & 5-8 Hunters)

All Fall Waterfowl hunts from September through January can be combined with afternoon pheasant hunt packages. 

  • Includes Fully Guided Hunt on Private Land
  • Massive Decoy Spreads
  • Electronic Callers (when legal)
  • Tips and techniques from our Guides on hunting strategy, and game processing
  • All decoys, blinds and necessary gear is provided for the hunt
  • All Snow Goose hunts can accommodate up to 8 Hunters per field
  • You must have 6 Hunters in your Party to have an Exclusive hunt for which you will not have to pay for the two remaining blinds
  • If you have less than 6 in your Party other Hunters will be added to fill the remaining spots
  • Well mannered dogs will be permitted upon request if you have 6 Hunters
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