With the Month of May comes Spring Turkey hunting season for most of the Northeastern states. With a winter that would not let go… Most of the early breeding that usually occurs before our season in NY opens, was delayed a few weeks. This has things pushed back slightly and a lot of areas that hold birds for some hunters have not had birds because typically they are hunting near prime nesting habitat. Rest assured that 20 years experience hunting the Wild Turkey in the area I reside and grew up in, has put the odds in our favor!! We are on a roll with 21 birds harvested in the first 16 days and 3 misses that should have had a tag filled. The hunting has been very good and all the guests are re-booking the same dates for 2019, with a few groups doubling the amount of hunters they will be bringing. No one works harder at getting guests on birds than Eastern View Outfitters in the Northeast!! We literally spend the entire day staying on birds for our guests and the Success rates with the percentage of return clients tell the story. We do not over harvest in our areas and only take a limited number of guests each year to ensure a Quality over Quantity situation. With the Goal of the US Superslam–The goal to harvest birds in all 49 states for those who do not know. People from all of the country are trusting us with their hard earned money and valuable time to put them on birds over Multi-State trip in a short amount of time. And we are getting it done! I want to thank all the guests and Guides that help make all this dream a reality. The Outfitting business is a team game and we have a great Team!! Get on the Schedule for 2019–Now is the time!! We are Half booked for the 2019 season as of right now! Follow along on Facebook or Instagram at Eastern View Outfitters. Sincerely, Capt Bryce Collins