Guided Spring Turkey Hunting in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts & Maine

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Eastern View Outfitters is located in Plattsburgh, New York, situated in the Champlain Valley, along Lake Champlain. We offer unmatched New York and Vermont Spring Turkey hunts on thousands of acres of private farmland. The hunting grounds in NY are hugely agricultural with mixed forested areas between agricultural zones. The areas hunted in Vermont are largely forested tracts with smaller pastures and meadows creating a mosaic of Eastern Wild Turkey habitat. These diverse habitats, plenty of land access and thorough scouting ensure our guests the best possible chances at getting their trophy bird!  We are strictly fair-chase, no feeders, or farm raised birds…  We offer the most exciting and action packed Spring Turkey hunting in New York & Vermont–with un matched success rates! No other Guide Service in New York or Vermont Kills more Turkeys than we do! 

Our business is built on return clients and we hold our repeat clientele for good reason. Our clients come as guests and leave as friends. We have maintained from the beginning a “hard work pays off’” mentality.  We scout year round and scout daily during the season, making sure our guests are on birds each day of the hunt! And it shows!! We have a 100% opportunity rate on all Turkey hunts and only take a high percentage of Mature Trophy Longbeards each year, leaving plenty of younger birds for the following Spring. We do not over book our season/properties and only offer a limited number of hunts each season. This population management and business strategy ensures our guests plenty of birds from the first day to the last day of the season! Scroll through our Facebook page…. We harvest birds from the first day to the last day of the season!! Statistically, our best scoring birds usually come middle to late in the season… Food for thought!

Our guides are Licensed & Experienced professionals and they are glad to answer questions and provide informative details about calling and setup strategy to help you hone you skill set. We only use the best Guides in Northeast–Masters of their craft!

Reserve you hunts well in advance. We only book a limited amount of hunts each season to ensure our guests have a quality experience! No matter if you are here for opening day or the last day of the season, rest assured you will have birds to hunt! We book up almost a year in advance and have very limited availability due to repeat customers so call soon to reserve your hunt! We hope you do your research and then we are certain you will choose EVO for your next Turkey hunting experience! “No Guide service in NY kills more Spring Turkeys–You can take that to the bank!” Sincerely, Capt Bryce Collins

“My nephew and I are from Virginia, we had the pleasure of turkey hunting with Bryce Collins and Eastern View Outfitters for five days in New York and Vermont in this last week. These guys have the focus and passion you want when looking for someone to go hunting with. We hit it off immediately and had our groove on. The weather was less than ideal two of the five days we hunted, but we still got it done and did not give the birds an inch slack. We harvested 7 Birds in 5 days of hunting and had a very successful trip! I have hunted all over the country and these guys are a cut way above most you will ever have the pleasure of going into the woods with. If you are looking to book a trip to the North country don’t over look these guys. As we say in the south ” they’s good people”

Jeff Hoke, Virginia

“My son Kyle and I had the opportunity to go on a guided youth turkey hunt with Bryce. With his combined knowledge of the area we hunted and his expertise in turkey hunting, within approximately 2 1/2 hours of setting up he had called in 5 hens and 3 Mature Tom’s. Kyle bagged a 20 lb Longbeard with a 9 1/4 inch beard that day. It was awesome to share that moment and to see the delight in Kyle’s face when he took his first bird. Thank you Bryce for a memory of a lifetime.”

Kevin & Kyle LaMora, New York

“Fantastic Wild Turkey hunting! A friend and I hunt turkeys all over the country. For the last three days we have hunted with Eastern View Outfitters around Plattsburgh, NY. This has been one of the best if not the best hunts we have ever had. Everything is first rate. Our guide was fantastic. We both harvested our two gobbler NY limits, 4 birds between the two of us. Beautiful country, fantastic guides, and incredible turkey hunting. You will not be disappointed!”

Stan Jones, Tennessee

Guided Turkey Hunting in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts & Maine 

Starts months before any of our Guests for the season have arrived Capt Bryce and the Guides are scouting and patterning birds on our hunting grounds. Hundreds of hours have been spent and thousands of miles in the trucks have been traveled to ensure one thing–Our Guest’s Success!  Upon arrival our guests can expect Capt Bryce Collins to contact you and touch base the evening before each day to discuss transportation during the hunt and the location most convenient to meet the NYS licensed Hunting Guide. The hunt preparation will start in the pre-dawn hours…  they will meet their guide, sign waivers, settle balances on the first morning of the hunt and go over your strategy for the day. Our guides will accompany you in the field before first light leading you to a pre-scouted area where a bird was Roosted and located the evening before. Guides then will aid you by showing you where to sit, calling in the Wild Turkeys and coaching you to the harvest of your Trophy bird! Our Guides are the best in the Northeast–Masters of the craft! We highly encourage US Superslam guys to call us and call early! We are typically booking a year in advance. Rest assured you will get the opportunities that you’re paying for! 

We will hunt on prime agricultural land as well as mixed hardwood forests teaming with wild turkeys. Our guided New York & Vermont turkey hunts conclude each day at noon or after you have filled your tags. After the hunt we will field dress your birds and provide you with tips and instruction on processing your game on your own if you want or we will do everything for you if you decide. Guides will field dress your harvest into skinless quarters. If you prefer to have it dressed skin on and whole like a store bought Turkey this can be arranged for a fee of $40. Meat is then vacuum sealed and frozen for your departure as well for no extra charge! Each day is action packed and it is not uncommon to hunt multiple areas each morning, we are serious about Turkey hunting–so come rested and prepared for the weather conditions! You will have the whole Afternoon to relax while the Guides are scouting, locating and Roosting birds to hunt for the following morning. Capt Bryce or your Guide will contact after scouting for the evening to once again go over transportation details and where to meet in the morning. We truly work for our Guests harder than anyone and value our nearly 100% return Clientele list! “Spring Turkey Hunt with us once and I promise you will not only leave as friends but as satisfied guests!” Sincerely, Capt Bryce Collins. 

After the Hunt

Many people choose to relax and rest up for the following days adventure by seeing some of the areas scenic destinations like Ausable Chasm. If you enjoy tasting local Craft Beers and Wines. Check out Ausable Brewing Co, Valcour Brewing Company, The Oval Brewery and Plattsburgh Brewing Co located right in the same building as the Comfort Inn lodging. If Wine and Ciders are your thing– definitely check out Elf’s Farm Winery & Ciderhouse and Vesco Ridge Vineyards for a great Tasting experience. Recommended formal dining options are Anthony’s Restaurant & Bistro, Latitude 44 Bistro and for more casual Dining check out Mickey’s Restaurant and Our House Bistro. For those diehards who want to squeeze every bit of action they can into the day! Guests can take full advantage of our Blast and cast Package, the Waterfowl and Deer hunt Package and our Fishing and Bowfishing Combo Packages! While you relax and enjoy everything the Lake Champlain Region has to offer. Our guides will be out in the afternoons until dusk scouting and roosting birds for the following days hunt. After harvesting your trophy New York Gobbler, your Guide will process your bird, vacuum seal the meat and freeze until your departure. If you decide to preserve your Trophy Wild Turkey–we have an exceptional Taxidermist who we can put you in touch with if you plan to have the work done locally.

If you’re extending your vacation, don’t miss out on the rest of the Adirondacks and Northern New York!


Our guests can take advantage of our Eastern View Outfitters reduced rates of $90/Night and stay at the Comfort Inn & Suites located at 411 Route 3 Plattsburgh, NY 12901. Comfort Inn & Suites rooms are equipped with 2 Queen size beds, high speed WIFI, Microwave and Fridge. (Click links to view room & other amenities) Other amenities include an indoor swimming pool, fitness center , restaurant/bar, and free parking. It is also in close proximity to most of the shopping and dinning options in the area. Just call the Comfort Inn & Suites at 518-562-2730 and mention Eastern View Outfitters & Bryce Collins to make reservations at the Corporate Rates of $90/Night. We also have a couple contacts with homes for rent that sleep from 4-6 people starting at $200/night and we can provide their contact info upon requests. One of which is a beautiful cabin on a private lake very close to Plattsburgh, NY and the surrounding areas.

Our Pledge

  • We will do everything we can to make our guests safe, successful, and happy!
  • No farm raised birds! 100% Fair chase! This is the “real deal”
  • We will not limit you to the constraints of a blind for the whole day just waiting on a turkey…
  • Our hunts are action packed and we will hunt multiple setups on each day
  • We will not limit you to one bird and then charge you for a “second bird fee” or a “Trophy fee”…  You paid for a hunt–if you have tags and time permitting… “The Hunt goes on!” Do the research… check references, compare photo galleries, look at our Eastern View Outfitters Facebook  page for the most current activity and complete photo gallery…See You All in the This Spring! Sincerely, USCG Capt Bryce Collins
  • We encourage Novice hunters and Experts hunters alike–And hold both experience levels as repeat clientele

New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine & New Hampshire Guided Turkey Hunt Packages


1 Hunter x 1 Guide Package $1000/per hunter
2 Hunters x 1 Guide Package $900/per hunter

3 Day Regular Season Hunts in NY, VT, NH, ME, MA

  • Includes Fully Guided Hunt on Private Land
  • Game removal and disposal, Bird cleaning (skinless quartered), Vacuum Packaged meat, Taxidermy Preparation
  • Transportation to and from our lodging while hunting
  • Tips and techniques from our Master Guides on hunting strategy, decoy placement, calling strategy and game processing

1 Hunter x 1 Guide Package $1400
2 Hunters x 1 Guide Package $2200

*Saves you $150 booking as a Combo!

3 Day Regular Season Turkey Hunt and two 4 hour Afternoon Fishing Charters On Lake Champlain

  • Includes Fully Guided Hunt on Private Land
  • 2 Afternoon Fishing Charters on Lake Champlain with a USCG Captained vessel for Bass, Pike, Lake Trout and Atlantic Salmon (Your Pick)
  • Game removal and disposal, Bird/Fish cleaning, (skinless quartered & head on gutted) vacuum packaged meat, taxidermy preparation
  •  Tips and techniques from our Guides on hunting and fishing strategy, decoy placement, lure choice, calling strategy and game processing

1 Hunter x 1 Guide Package $1250
2 Hunters x 1 Guide Package $1950

3 Day Regular Season Hunts in Oklahoma (Rio-Grande), New Mexico, Nebraska (Merriam’s)

  • Includes All-day Fully Guided Hunt
  • Bird cleaning (skinless quartered) Game removal and disposal
  • Tips and techniques from our Guides on hunting strategy and game processing
  • Must book all hunts in OK, NM hunts by Feb. 15th

1 Youth Hunter and Parent X 1 Guide $425

  • Includes Full Weekend Fully Guided Hunt on Private Land
  • Bird cleaning (skinless quartered) Vacuum packaged meat, Game removal and disposal
  • Taxidermy Preparation
  • Tips and techniques from our Guides on hunting strategy, decoy placement, calling strategy and game processing

Youth season is a great way to get kids into hunting and have them be successful… No compettion from adults hunters… And it precedes the regular turkey season–when hunting pressure has not yet come into play. We hold a 100% Success rate on all Youth hunts!!! You heard right! Lets keep it going!

Nothing makes a kid want to be in the Outdoors more than an action packed successful first outing. Lets get them off the Video Games and Hooked on the Outdoors! You can’t put prices on memories that last a lifetime! The Youth hunter is allowed to take one bird during the special youth weekend season in NY state. I require a parent/guardian over 21 years of age to accompany the youth on our hunt. The parental guardian must sign a waiver release for the child and one for themselves prior to hunting. The parent guardian does not need a hunting license and is not permitted to carry a gun. The Youth Hunter needs a valid New York State hunting license and Turkey tags to participate. Please take a look at NYS DEC website for rules/regulations to help you answer any questions you might have.

$100 per gun for 3 days

Rental Includes

  • 12 gauge Top of the line Benelli Super Black Eagle 2 firearm
  • Aftermarket Turkey choke designed for maximum performance
  • Turkey Ammunition during the 3 day hunt
  • Your Licensed Guide will give proper instruction on the firearms so that you are comfortable using it

4 States of your choosing NY, VT, NH, MA, ME

1 hunter & 1 guide  $3200

  • Fully Guided 12 day hunt–3 days in each state

2 hunters & 1 guide $6400

  • Fully Guided 12 day hunt–3 days in each state for 2 hunters

Due to the overwhelming demand hunters from across the country are choosing to book with us to get the job done on the Northeastern leg of their US Superslam goal of killing birds in all 49 states. We have created a Super slam package. You choose 4 of 5 of the states we offer hunts in and we will get it done. I Bryce Collins also have the dream to kill Longbeards in all 49 states and respect this goal immensely and all who challenge it! Call me to talk Turkey! 

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